Wulff Lake Salmon Lodge

opportunity knocks...

Wulff Lake Salmon Lodge is located roughly  35 miles southeast of Cartwright, Labrador. This 4 mile stretch of the Sandhill River presents 10 varied salmon pools accessible by boat and a custom made 1 ½ mile boardwalk. 

The Lodge accommodates 8 fishers. Wonderful meals are prepared by a doting staff, and the beautifully appointed facilities (complete with internet access and satellite television) makes this experience as luxurious as it gets.

2014 presents a unusual opportunity. Normally booked in perpetuity, there is now one week available for four fishers to enjoy this fabulous river. The dates would be June 25th through July 2nd.

For further information, please contact Wulff Lake Salmon Lodge at info@wulfflake.com.